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Today’s Luxury Vinyl

The newest addition to the flooring industry is a whole new category of luxury flooring – Luxury Vinyl. Today’s vinyl has made great strides switching from sheet vinyl to tile and planks making this category the fastest-growing segment in the industry.

Through new techniques, realistic replications of popular flooring styles like hardwood, stone, and tile, luxury vinyl floors provide a versatile, durable flooring option that is water-resistant and easy to maintain. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) are two types of luxury vinyl floors mainly differentiated by their shape and size. These floors are a perfect option for spaces in the home where hardwood or carpet may not be appropriate such as basements and bathrooms where moisture might be a problem. LVT is available in both plank and tiles that can be grouted or installed edge to edge. LVP gives you the look of narrow to wide wood planks giving you the flexibility to get exactly the look you want. Great visuals manufactured through 3D printing that replicates the look of hardwood, stone, and tile make it hard to differentiate LVP/LVT from real wood or tile. There’s no need to worry about durability when it comes to a luxury vinyl floor. These floors are well suited for use in all your high-traffic areas. It is scratch, stain, dent, and scuff resistant.

One of the most impressive attributes of LVP/LVT is that the flooring is water-resistant. This allows for installation in areas where other flooring materials are not recommended.

Luxury vinyl flooring usually requires less installation time and can often be installed as a “floating” floor. Floating floors are not permanently attached to the subfloor. Your sales professional will be happy to recommend how to install your new vinyl flooring.

Largest Selection of Luxury Vinyl in Doylestown, PA

With one of the largest flooring selections available, Barb-Lin Carpet One Floor & Home is uniquely equipped to help families and businesses find the right products to match their needs. Our selection of luxury vinyl tile and planks provides unmatched durability while allowing you to achieve the look of tiling or hardwood without the cost.

Luxury Vinyl Options

Our vinyl options consist of recycled wood, limestone, or bamboo. Tile and planks create a new category of engineered flooring that never swells with moisture and requires no acclimation prior to installation.

Barb-Lin Carpet One Floor & Home stocks and installs COREtec Plus products because of their proven resilience and commitment to a healthy home environment. COREtec flooring is Greenguard Gold Certified for indoor air quality and can even be installed over existing hard surface structures.

Luxury Vinyl Applications

Because of its resistance to moisture, vinyl products can easily be used in bathrooms, kitchens, and other wet areas. In fact, COREtec Plus flooring is guaranteed never to swell, and it comes with a lifetime waterproof warranty. Vinyl is also a great option for larger areas within the home. COREtec tiles and planks do not require expansion strips as other flooring options do, so transitions between spaces are seamless both visually and physically. And, with an added cork underlayment, these products provide a warmer floor and quieter environment than typical wood flooring, other vinyl options, and ceramic tile.

Let Us Help You Create Your Dream Home

 Yes. This adds flexibility to new construction and renovations if the floor can be installed before the cabinets. 

COREtec Plus is meant for interior use in enclosed, climate-controlled areas. It should not be exposed to temperatures exceeding 140 degrees. 

Regular sweeping and periodic cleaning with a pH neutral cleaner as needed. 

 It will scratch under extreme wear and scratches will become more visible as the floor becomes dirty. It will not leave a white mark when scratched. 

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