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Carpet Can Do Much More Than Just Cover Your Floors

Barb-Lin Carpet One Floor & Home is your one-stop source for everything carpet. We are your locally owned flooring store with the backing of the nation’s largest cooperative. Because of this backing, we have the ability to negotiate great prices with our suppliers so you will find exceptional value when you shop with us.

Carpet can be the foundation of a decorating plan or complement existing walls and furnishings. Most of all, your carpet will reflect your personality. Color, texture, and pattern all work together when planning your home. The quickest way to update any room is “color”. It can be used to make a small room look larger or pull background colors to the forefront. Color will create the “mood” of your room whether it’s warm and comfortable or cool and spacious. Colors should be eye-catching fabrics, paint swatches, pages from your favorite magazines there are hundreds of ways to begin planning your new room. By adding texture and color to your floor the possibilities are endless.

Here Are a Few Color and Texture Tips


Frieze carpets have yarns that are slightly longer and extremely twisted making them appear highly textured.

Plush carpets have a smooth velvety level surface. Deep plush carpet provides a cozy feel for bedrooms and living rooms.

Level Loop or Berber carpets have loops of the same height for a look that is more informal than plush carpets. This style of carpet is easy to clean, making it a great choice for high-traffic areas.

Combination styles combine both partially cut and uncut yarns which create a patterned look.

Carpets with stripes, geometric patterns, or florals instantly give a room a personality. Mixing patterns can be tricky so bear in mind that if patterns within the room are related by form, color and texture, they are likely to work together to achieve your desired “look”. After the flooring choice, you can choose furnishings and accessories that work with the shapes and/or colors in the carpeting. Remember to make sure you check out your carpet choices in your own home. You need to be comfortable with your choices in the context of your home remembering that the proportions of a pattern will look different in your room than they did in the store.

From inspiration to installation, we look forward to helping you achieve your ultimate goal.


If possible be sure to look at your color choices in daylight as well as your artificial light at night. Color changes are dramatic in bright sunlight and/or fluorescent lights.

Use pale colors to lighten a room. Light colors will also make a small room seem larger.

Neutral colors give the feeling of warmth. Gray is the new beige but you can also consider sage greens, sandy yellow, taupe, khaki, and gray-blue.

Solid color carpets go best in rooms with a lot of patterns and textures but that doesn’t mean your carpet has to be a neutral color. Use an accent color from your fabric to pull your room together.

The balls of fluff, or loose fibers, found on carpet or in the vacuum cleaner are the normal result of fiber left in the carpet from the manufacturing process. Removing these loose fibers does not affect carpet life or appearance. With proper vacuuming and the use of a quality vacuum cleaner, most shedding gradually disappears within the first year after installation.

Light reflects differently as the pile is pushed in different directions. Foot traffic generally causes this and the best solution is to sweep or vacuum the pile in a uniform direction.

Just snip the end to even the carpet. Never pull out long or loose ends as this can permanently damage your carpet. If a tuft becomes snagged or works loose, simply cut it off and let the surrounding yard fill in the space.

When a room’s relative humidity is very low, a static charge can build up in your carpet as you walk. If this occurs, a humidifier or other commercially available products can help.

These occur when heavy objects such as furniture press down on the face of the fiber. They can be removed by gently rubbing the affected area with the edge of a coin or lifting gently upwards on the tufts while using a steam iron. Never touch the iron to the carpet or hold it too close. An inferior carpet cushion can be permanently dented by heavy objects.

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