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Karastan took soft surface flooring in a bold new direction in the early to mid-1900’s by introducing American’s to the idea of walking in comfort. Innovative ideas form industry standards, proving their products can stand the test of time leaving your carpet beautiful. The Kara-Loc method made it possible for the production of quality carpets at affordable prices for any consumer. Since 1928, Karastan has built a reputation as the premier brand of high quality floor covering. 

Karastan designers have created a wide selection of beautiful carpets. Rich color and innovative styling are paired with premium processes and technologies resulting in one of America's most trusted brands of flooring - Karastan.

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Karastan Benefits

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Durable Carpet Brand

No matter where you are looking to place your Karastan carpet, it is made to last. Karastan carpets combine beautiful design with unrivaled durability. Premium fibers are used to make sure of top-notch quality. Karastan carpets are made to be resistant to stains, making maintenance a much easier task. 

Karastan carpet

Functional Carpet

Karastan carpets are designed with excellent materials that are made to be practical and functional. Karastan carpets turn any space into a functioning room where you can host guests without the worry of damaging your beautiful carpets. 

Karastan carpet

Pet Friendly Carpet

Karastan’s SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet gives you an amazingly durable option that is also very stylish. Care and maintenance have never been easier with carpet either. Pet accidents won’t do in your beautiful Karastan carpets, so both you and your pet can enjoy your floors. 

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