Healthier Living Installation

carpet-one-floor-home-doylestown-pa-barb-lin-healthier-livingInstallation that makes a difference

The Healthier Living installation is the revolutionary way to install flooring. It’s the first antimicrobial flooring installation process that gives you the peace of mind that dust and particles are properly removed from the sub-floor prior the installation of a new floor. This also attacks odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. By minimizing irritants, the antimicrobial treatment provides a clean sub-floor, free of dust and particles which is a great advantage for the entire family, especially for those that are sensitive to allergies. With a standard installation, dust and particles can be left behind and then covered up by the new cushion, carpet or hardwood floor. This means more bacteria in your household because mold and mildew will continue growing underneath your new floor.

How is it done?

The first step is using a HEPA vacuum to clean the sub-floor. After the floor is vacuumed, it is treated with a light mist of HealthinEx Antimicrobial treatment. The HealthinEx treatment is as a water-based solution that is registered with the EPA and is as safe as any other household cleaner. It also meets the Indoor Air and Surface Quality standards. Once the treatment dries, the new floor is installed and vacuumed again. The HLI is an exclusive installation system that you will only get from a Carpet One Floor & Home store. This installation system has no additional cost. For more information, visit our store today!