Additional Services

carpet-one-floor-home-testimonials-hardwood-dogHardwood Sanding and Refinishing

Barb-Lin Carpet One now offers dustless hardwood sanding and refinishing. When your floor's finish is worn or damaged beyond what recoating can repair, refinishing is necessary. Refinishing involves a complete sanding of the floor to bare wood. After sanding, the existing floor color can be changed to the color of your choice. Barb-Lin's craftsmen will repair cracks, level minor buckling or crowning and repair other imperfections in the wood. Once all the necessary corrections have been made to the floor, we will apply a protective sealant to preserve the natural beauty of your floor.

carpet-one-floor-home-testimonials-designer-living-room-lightWindow Treatments

As a Hunter Douglas Gallery Dealer, Barb-Lin Carpet One offers fashion forward and innovative window treatments by Hunter Douglas. Choose from shades, shutters, mini-blinds, blinds and verticals in fabric, metal, wood or faux wood in finishes that compliment any style and décor. 

For more than 60 years Hunter Douglas the leading manufacturer of custom-made window fashions in North America, has been making a big difference at the window and in homes across America. Barb-Lin Carpet One and Hunter Douglas believe window fashions must be more than stylish. In addition to offering energy efficiency, window treatments should provide some privacy and light control. They should help protect your furnishings from damaging UV rays. Even absorb sounds, helping to improve the acoustics in a room. 


Frequently Asked questions about window treatments: 

Q: How do I clean my Hunter Douglas window fashions?  

A: Hunter Douglas window fashions are designed to require minimal care and cleaning. You won't have to do much to keep them looking like new, aside from regular dusting and periodic vacuuming. Products are created that are dust, soil and stain resistant. 

Q: I have young children and safety is a big concern for me. What Hunter Douglas products should I consider? 

A: All Hunter Douglas products are designed with safety in mind, and provide standard or optional safety features. If you select a window treatment you'll see information about what lifting systems and motorization options are available for that product. 

 Q: When a window fashion is called "energy efficient," what does that mean?  

A: An energy efficient window fashion is a product that helps to conserve energy inside a home. How well a product does this depends on three important properties: its ability to insulate room interiors from extreme exterior temperatures; its ability to flexibly control the flow of heat generated by the sun (solar energy flow); and its ability to provide optimal daylighting, which minimizes the need for electrical lighting. All Hunter Douglas products help to conserve energy inside a home.