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Carpet Guide

Barb-Lin Carpet One Floor & Home in Doylestown, PA. is your local flooring retailer when it comes to quality carpet. We have one of the area’s largest selections of quality carpets, and we also have design and installation teams who will help you handle your specific carpet. So, if you’re looking to add the style and comfort of carpet visit our showroom today! We have the professional staff to help you navigate our selection to make sure you get the best quality available.

Advantages of Carpet

There are a few different carpet types from which you can choose. The pile style of a carpet is the fiber that is twisted. Cut, loop, and cut & loop are popular options for carpets. Some piles are more dense while others are softer. Carpet fibers are what the carpet is made from. They can be natural fibers like wool, or a synthetic fiber like nylon. Each features their own benefits like stain resistance, matting resistance, as well as trapping allergens that can be vacuumed up.

We not only offer a great selection of carpets; we also offer a few different services. Our in-store designers will help you make the perfect choice for your setting, and they’ll accommodate any design specifications you have in mind. And, after you make the perfect carpet choice, we’ll work with you to handle carpet installation.

About Carpet

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Types of Carpet for Home

Not all carpets are made to be the same. Each type of carpet has a special function and we can help you decide which type of carpet would be perfect for your home.

Types of Carpet
Tigressa Carpet

Which Carpet is Better?

We offer the best quality carpet in our area. That means you can confidently shop with us knowing you have made the right selection and are protected by our warranties.

Best Type of Carpet

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